Topic 1.1: River Systems of South Carolina

South Carolina has many different rivers.  These rivers are used for many different reasons which included traveling; to generate power, fishing, and sports events to name a few.  Many types of animals and creatures live in and near these rivers, and sometimes their habitats are ruined by people doing these activities.  The main rivers in South Carolina include the Great Pee Dee River, the Edisto River, the Santee River, and the Broad River.  South Carolina’s rivers are unique when comparing them to most other states because these rivers empty (or end) into the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of South Carolina.  In the link below you will find a map of the rivers and lakes in South Carolina.  You are able to zoom in on the areas in which you like to view these areas closer.  You should study these rivers closely because later in the module you will need to label and identify them on a map.

Click Below to View the Rivers:
Rivers of South Carolina

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